Dyme Text Commands

Use these commands whenever you like. We like hearing from you!
Remember, our phone number is 415-766-0210.


This is a fun one. You can choose the voice with which Dyme communicates to you. Dyme currently has voices you can chose from. To choose a voice you need only send two simple texts: fist, text voice to 415-766-0210. Dyme will then send you a list of available voices. Second step is to text us the numeric value of the voice you want. These are the 4 voices we currently offer:
1 - Standard Voice: straight to the point, no funny stuff
2 - 80's Aerobic Instructor: perky, pushing you to dig deep
3 - Sad High School Teacher: passing on life's disappointments in all communications
4 - Terrible Parent: thank goodness this one wasn't critical to your upbringing.
So, just text voice to 415-766-0210 to start engaging with these interesting personalities.


Use this command to add to your weekly savings goals. For instance, if your weekly goal is $40, and you wanted to add $40 to to that weekly amount you text save 40 to 415-766-0210. This would add $40 to the weekly scheduled amount $40, for a total weekly savings of $80. Note: this change only changes your savings for the current week. After that week's savings have been transferred, your weekly savings amount will revert to the amount you established in your weekly goals.


Use this command to change your weekly savings goals going forward. This is not just a change for the current week. Whatever amount you text to us will become your new weekly savings amount. For instance, if your weekly goal is $40, and you wanted to change it to $25 going forward, you would text change 25 to 415-766-0210.


Use this command to add to get an update on your progress toward your overall savings goals. This is an easy one, just text status to 415-766-0210. Dyme will send total amount saved and how much more you need to save to reach your goal.


Use this command to view your savings history over the past 30 days. When you text history to 415-766-0210, Dyme will send the following data for the past 30 days:
(1) total amount saved
(2) total amount withdrawn
(3) any pending transactions (scheduled savings that have not been executed)
(4) last executed transaction


Use this command to move money from your Dyme account back into your linked account. The syntax is just like save, change, etc. For instance to move $50 from your Dyme account back into your linked account, you would text withdraw 50 to 415-766-0210.


Use this command to opt out of receiving all text messages from Dyme. Note that if you do this, you will not be notified when savings occur, nor will you receive status or history updates.


Use this command to opt back in to receiving all text messages from Dyme. This would only be relevant if you had opted out by texting 'Stop' previously.


This is the command you use to get a Reader's Digest version the all the commands available and what they do. Just text command to 415-766-0210 and you'll get a list of all your command options.